Birds of Poole Harbour

Birds of Poole Harbour is a charity completely dedicated to educating people on the stunning variety of bird life in and around Poole Harbour.

Birds of Poole Harbour symbolPoole Harbour has SPA (Special Protection Area) designation. This means it hosts nationally and internationally important numbers of bird species, making it one of the most ecologically important areas in Britain, not to mention being bordered by some of the most pristine examples of lowland heathland in the country.

Therefore, the study of birds and monitoring of their numbers and behaviour is vital to the ongoing conservation efforts that take place.

CJ7 OspreyThe Osprey Pair

Great News…The celebrated pair of ospreys are back at their nest close by at Careys Secret Garden for another breeding season! The one pictured above is CJ7, the female.

Currently she is incubating four eggs and 022 continues to bring fish in for CJ7 whilst she sits on the nest. A four-egg clutch is a rare occurrence in ospreys.

For the past two years, 022 and CJ7 have successfully raised chicks, thanks to a translocation project by the conservation charity Birds of Poole Harbour.

They became the first breeding ospreys in Southern England in nearly 200 years.

In 2022, O22 and CJ7 raised two chicks, one of which was killed by a Goshawk, and in 2023, they successfully raised three chicks.

If this season’s eggs all hatch and survive to fledgling age, this will provide a great contribution to the south coast population.

Let’s wish them luck for the 2024 season!

Birds of Poole Harbour Cruises and Events

Aboard the Birds of Poole Harbour boat on their Spring Safari CruiseBirds of Poole Harbour offer several events all year round, including Spring and Summer Safari Cruises, Purbeck Seabird and Puffin Cruise, Nightjar Walk, Sunset Safari Cruise, Osprey Cruise, among others too.

My mother and I thoroughly enjoyed the Spring Safari Cruise. We learned so much from Brittany, Mark and Mya. They were so keen and knowledgeable.

Brittany passionately spoke about the osprey pair and the translocation project, as well as the harbour being a Special Protection Area.

We saw hunting osprey, a marsh harrier and lots more (53 species of birds altogether), as well as plenty of deer and a seal too.

The sail was smooth, thanks to the captain, and there were refreshments onboard to purchase. There were also binoculars to borrow whilst on the cruise.

We hope to go on The Carey Osprey Tour 2024 very soon. In partnership with Birds of Poole Harbour, the Carey Secret Gardens offer a guided tour to view the nesting osprey pair mentioned above.

From the viewing platform you can see their nest, which is featured on the Birds of Poole Harbour webcam.

Please visit Birds of Poole Harbour website, support them and find out more. They do a remarkable job!

Whether you’re an avid beginner (like us) or experienced naturalist, with Birds of Poole Harbour there is something for everyone!

If you are interested in bird life, you may also be interested in visiting RSPB Arne, as well as The Abbotsbury Swannery.  Please click on the links to find out more.

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